Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 30 - Fitoavana

It was a great week in Ambohimanarina!! We had tons of great lessons and great experiences this week! First off, Elder Nichols and I ended our reign with 29 investigators at church! It was a great transfer with him but excited to get my new companion Elder Passey. We have so many investigators that are progressing so well it is amazing! We have 7 being baptized this Saturday so that will be a special day for sure. I am also baptizing an 85 year old woman who can barely walk and can't bend her knees so not sure how that will work but I'm gonna have to work on my front squats a little or something. A great experience for me this week was a lesson with an investigator who broke down to us. He is a grown man and married with two kids. He said he never had a desire to go to church ever since he was accused of burglary and was in jail for 18 months for something he didn't do. He said he got out and was mad and wouldn't go to church or pray or anything. He said though as he has learned with us that he is coming back to church and to the church with the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. As he told us this story, he was breaking down crying to us. I felt a lot of emotions but one thing that came to my mind was dang I am only 19....I wondered why this grown man felt comfortable telling us this and crying knowing we were just kids...also why people ask us for help with their addictions and marriage problems and any other things they may be going through. I know it is cause it is not us doing this work but the Spirit working through us. There is no way the missionary program of the church would be able to do so much good if the people running it were snot nosed 19 year old kids. The one in charge is our Heavenly Father and Savior. I know that is true. There is not a doubt in my mind or heart. I am so grateful for this experience and this opportunity in my life. I love the mission and love these people!! Have a great week everyone!! 
 View of a road I walk on almost everyday.
  A lunch with investigators and all the missionaries.
 A sweet rice field on my split with Elder Allen!
 Elder Allen
  We got those shirts and hats made...I know mom it doesnt match...
 Some crazy kids that followed us around until we took pics with them haha.

 Our way too big English teaching them weird stuff haha.
 Cool view.
 One of my favorite little kids. Her mom served mission in South Africa and can speak English and the little girl is way good at English too. She came up to me at stake conference and asked if I would take a picture of her haha. 
 A sick basketball court!!
  Made Donne and his family brownies as they had never had before. Told them it had cockroaches in it and it was an American treat haha. They were way scared but after realized we were joking about the cockroaches hahaha.
Nichols and I with Gerard and Claudia and Claudia's mom!