Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 29 - Mikata Be Aho

Salama Everyone!! Hope you are all doing good and had a great week! I had a great week myself! It is hard to not have a good week when you have been getting over 25 investigators at church the last month! The work is going so well and it has been amazing to be apart of it! One of my favorite stories this week is about Eric and his family! Eric and his whole family have been learning for awhile now. Eric wants to be baptized but his wife and two kids are still thinking. We had a good lesson with them about the WoW (Word of Wisdom) and at the end we asked if the family has been praying about the baptism and what their feelings are. Tolotra, Eric's 18 year old son, spoke up and said yes I have prayed and I know I need to be baptized. Eric looked at him and was like, "Really?!?!" Tolotra said yeah then Eric got up gave him a big fist bump and a hug and they were both so happy! Man that was great to see! It was just a little simple moment but so cool. Eric's wife and daughter said they are close but still want to learn more. They are a great family that I have no doubt will be baptized! Also a story about another Eric. Except this Eric is an 19 year old kid. He has been learning for a little while and coming to church and is being baptized on March 4. He comes to church all by himself. His dad is a drunk and his brother is telling him it is blasphemy to be baptized in our church. He said he knows it is true and he has been a big example to me. I feel like I am already great friends with Eric and he is such a stud! He walks a long way to church all by himself every week and I usually sit with him in Sacrament. He is a great guy and I cant wait to see him baptized! Being a missionary is great! I know before I was a missionary I always thought missionaries knew everything and they were the amazing examples to everyone around them. As I have been here almost 7 months now I realized that I learn more from the amazing people around me then they do from me. I am so thankful for this opportunity in my life! I feel so blessed! I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!
I got my scriptures bound and it is sick haha.
A cool view 

Some of the best kids in the whole world
Some guy asked to take a pic with me...hahaha.

Rice patties! I love walking on these to get to our investigators house!

Me with a ton of little kids that were following us from lesson to lesson hahahaa.  

One of our recent converts killing their hamsters for food. The dad is a taxi driver and the Malagasies live day by day with their money and the dads car broke down and couldn't work for 4 days and had no money so they decided to kill their hamsters and eat them for dinner....way sad.

Some pics of us with our sick bucket hats we had made!

A little kid in our branch that wanted to wear my name tag around at church haha...I love that kid! His name is FanomezanaSoa.

A cool soccer field!

And a cool Catholic church!

Some cool views!

Some cool views 

 Some kids

And we had dinner with Rachel and Claire and their family. Rachel is older lady around 40ish years old and Claire is 85 year old gma with white hair. Both are great people!!!

And some pics of the people that made our sandals out of tires! They are so cool!

Brax I got those ones on the left for you as they don't fit me...the strap is a seat belt hahaha they are so sick!! 

Some pics from Elder Bowens camera...a couple from the Croc farm couple weeks ago

One from our Soire with Lalaina and his family. Lalaina works for the mission and fixes all the stuff on missionary's houses so we know him well. He is awesome and his family is too!