Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 15 - Thalia Straight Ballin Out

What is up everyone?! Another week down and boy was it a good one!! A lot happened this week but I especially want to talk about the most "golden investigator" the world has ever seen haha. Her name is Thalia. We found Thalia a couple weeks ago and when we found her she told us about all the trials and problems she has had in her life She was an orphan, at 11 years old she would go around and beg for money and food and that is how she would live. I cant even imagine that. She has also has two kids but doesn't get to see one and the other she sees a little as the dads of both have taken them to France. She asked us why she has had so many trials when she has tried so hard to follow God and be close to him. My companion and I both looked at each other and knew that this lady was one of those people that God has been preparing for a long time and she now finally gets her answer. She has progressed faster than anyone else I have taught so far. She came to church last Sunday and we gave her a Hymn book and left a pamphlet about the Word of Wisdom in it on accident. We didn't know it was in there but when we went to visit her she said she had read it. She also said it is very hard but she stopped drinking coffee, stopped chewing tobacco, and stopped drinking. Also she worked at a bar and she quit her job as she figured that if you weren't supposed to drink alcohol they probably don't want you selling it to others to drink. And she had friends come over with beer but she didn't drink any. We hadn't even taught her the Word of Wisdom lesson yet!!! She just read the pamphlet and kept all the commitments we would've asked of her but she went above and beyond too! Wow. I was amazed and so happy. She has a baptismal date for December 3.  That was a highlight of the week for sure. Also had 13 investigators at church this week! That is the most we have had since I've been here and it was awesome!! We were so happy seeing so many investigators walk up the long path to the church that we even started dancing for them as the walked up the path. It was an awesome day and week. I love seeing people make these great changes in their life as there is nothing that can bring more true and pure happiness than this gospel! I believe that with all my heart. I hope you all have a great day and week! I love and miss you all! Veloma!
 This first pic I call "Paradise"
  the next one is paradise with a Malagasy that wanted to be in the pic too haha
 a cool view of Madagascar
 another cool view of some lady selling some food
me with my two favorite kids from the branch, the one is 15 and other is like 7 haha the 15 year old is a funny cool kid and the 7 year old just loves me so i like him haha
 an early happy thanksgiving from Elder Shoe with a wild turkey after the pic I caught it and plan on serving up some good grub on thanksgiving ;)
 next is a pic of a way rich and sick house we found haha the lady didnt live there she was the guardian and basically just answers the door
 they have these weird ducks all over and they are scary lookin so I took a pic of it
me with a Malagasy boy scout
one of my fav pics is this one with these kids haha they are all way high whenever we see them and I have learned how to talk like a teenager Malagasy and talk to them like that so they like me haha and they wanted to get a pic with me and so we did and I think it is so funny they all have these gang signs and I didn't even know they were doing that but I did my fav 3 point gang sign haha these guys are like my age and older but shows how small Malagasies are
 A pic of our English class we had three classes like this on Saturday! Tons came to English!
 a pic of these kids I found playing basketball and yes the tree behind them was their hoop
 Some lady gave us these leches which are now my favorite fruit! They are so good!
 saved the best pics for last, my favorite meal here in Madagascar
Don't get to jealous I know your mouths are watering just looking at it....don't knock it til ya try it!!