Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 14 - Broken Beds But Not Broken Hearts

What is Crackalackin everybody?! (go watch the movie Madagascar if you don't know what Crackalackin is) Hope you all had a great week! I had a good one here! It was a good, hard working week! First off, I will explain the subject of this email. We went to teach this one family this week and walk in and there are not enough chairs and not enough room on the floor in their house. So the lady invites me to sit on her kid's bed. So I do and then next thing I know there is now room on the floor to sit down. Yep, I sat on the bed and went right through to the floor and broke the entire bed...pretty embarrassing. I was thinking to myself what the heck you dummy these people are already poor and now you are breaking their beds!? So I said I am sorry about 100 times and then me and my comp ran to a little place and bought nails and rope. Ran back to the house and I went Bob The Builder on that thing man. I was nailing anything I could and roping stuff and idk what I did but the lady said I was good at making beds so I guess she was satisfied with the end result haha. Then I taught a lesson on repentance which I had a great object lesson for haha. It was funny and a good memory and my comp took some pics of me fixing the bed that I will attach in this email. Other than that, this week was a great one! We taught a lot of great people and had lots of people commit to come to church! But it was pouring rain Saturday and Sunday and that made a lot of those people not come, which was sad but we still had some come! It was good to see the ones that were diligent and didn't let a little rain scare them away. I am currently working on learning how to say "Do you think if it was raining, the Savior would've waited to suffer for our sins until it was a sunny day?" I would like to say that to our investigators with the lame excuse of not coming cause it was raining haha. Hopefully next week we will have lots come to church though! Being a missionary is great! Nothing better than going out everyday searching for people who want to change their lives! I love it here! I hope you all have a great day and week! Love and miss you all!
Bob the Builder aka Elder Shoemaker fixing the broken bed
 Fixing the broken bed (pregnant Mom here is 16 and
 this will be her second child...she was married at age 14)
 Some kids getting some leches from the trees...they are this way good
fruit they have here!!! Dang they are so good!!! I love them!
 A pic of some kids, I love taking pics of the kids!
 I am all about those after lesson workouts on the tiny bar and bench some guy made haha.
 Another pic of some kids. Kids in America have iPhones, kids here have old bike tires with water bottles. They run and punch the bike tire along with the water bottle as they run.
  A pic of me at the sweet pizza place at the beach!
 A pic of us at the pizza place
  The pizza place itself
 A pic explaining my life here in Madagascar...too big for everything.
  A cool pic of just Madagascar, I guess
 A pic of some kids
I have a video of me killing this stupid cockroach but it is taking too long to load so here is a pic of it haha