Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 13 - Malagasy Halloween

What is up everyone?! How was your week? I hope it was good! Mine was great! Oh and Happy Halloween! Here in Madagascar they kinda celebrate Halloween but not really. Jealous of all the American candy you guys will be eating tonight, that's for sure though haha. This week was a great week for us! We worked hard and saw some success. One thing we have been hoping for is to find some families that are really serious about listening to our message. Here in Mada it isn't too hard to teach lessons but it is hard to find the people that are actually serious about learning instead of just the people that want to listen to the two vazahas (white guys). But we might have found some this week! Yesterday at church we had some people come that we tracted into and only taught once this week so we were very happy about that! I love Sundays here! I love standing outside the church anxious to see who will decide to come to church this week. We were happy with those that came and think there could be some great progressing investigators to come! It is the best feeling as a missionary when those you teach understand and see and feel the importance of this great message we have been called to share. There is one investigator who comes every week with his grandson and seeing them walk into church together with smiles on their faces gives me the best feeling ever. Who knows if they would ever get time to spend together like that if it weren't for this great Gospel! I love being a missionary and giving these people the opportunity to have such great joy in their life. That is the reason we are here right? To have joy!!! I love making people laugh here. This week we were tracting and some house had some really loud speakers and were playing some music really loud and as my companion and I walked by we started dancing and using all the white guy dance moves we had haha. These people saw us and started laughing really hard and so we just kept dancing for them and then after awhile they asked why we were here. They invited us in and we taught them the first lesson. I love how just being myself and having a companion do the same made it so we were able to teach a lesson. We were just having fun and that made others wonder why two white guys in Mada were having so much fun just walking down the street. I thought a lot about that and before my mission I got lots of advice to just be myself and that is why I was called to this mission and that just made me totally feel like I was called here for a reason! I love these fun and amazing people! I love teaching them and becoming friends with them. They already have a special place in my heart. Thank you all for the emails and the prayers. I pray for all of you and hope you have a great week!!!
me with a little kid
 me pulling a girl in a gas tank with a rope (they were doing this as games when we
came to them and so we thought it would be more fun if the big white guys pulled them)
 me next to a house of an investigator to show why I always hit my head on the houses here
 an action shot of the Malagasys' favorite thing ever a "dona" (fist bump)
 a pic of an albino Malagasy-she is a way funny little girl and always runs up and gives us fist bumps 
  me trying some weird Madagascar fruit but it was way good
 your classic malagasy people that are old and crazy
an old lady selling "food"...there are people like this all
along the paths trying to sell whatever they can
 looks delicious huh? haha
a cool view of a little house on the other side of a river
  me with some kids that thought I was a jungle gym
 a pic of me walking with a little malagasy kid who is way funny
  a couple of me on the roof of our house

 my first chameleon that I have
 seen in tried to bite me but bit my watch haha
Me with a crazy drunk lady who thought she was a gangster
 a pic of a drunk guy who bought us some cokes
pic of us at a soire