Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 16 - Another Good Week In the Neighborhood

Yo! What's up everybody? First off, I wanna give shout out to my Bingham boys! Way to go on the championship! Back on top baby!! Now you all just need two more rings to tie me ;) Hoping basketball can pull it out this year too!! Anyways this was a great week! We had fun and worked hard while doing it! I will talk about the fun first. Today is pday and this morning we played soccer and the six elders in my house bought some water balloons and hid them at the church and when the other elders came we soaked em! Haha! People were wondering why we had water balloons and we just said hey we may be missionaries but we are still dumb teenagers that like to have fun! Especially on pday!! That was great! I am currently a little soaked as they got some revenge haha. But on the serious side we had great week working! 13 people came to church this week again! That was great to see! We have been finding lots of great families that are progressing really well and we are very excited about that!! One sad thing happened this week...Solo and his wife Olga have a baptism date for December 3. We went to our lesson with them and Olga was gone and Solo was drunk as can be. My companion and I went in his house and just sat there with him as he rambled on as a drunk companion and I were sitting in silence for awhile. It was very sad to see. I didn't know how to react. My sports and intense side wanted to freak out at him and ask why he just got wasted as we had never seen him like that and didn't even know he drank. Then my other side just wanted to cry for him and his family. It is hard seeing someone so close to something so great, not quite make it. I have faith he can turn it around though. He didn't come to church either so he will not be getting baptized on Dec 3 but I have faith he can in January! There are great things you see being a missionary and there are hard things. But overall you can just show them the door and the people all have their agency of whether they want to enter into eternal happiness or not. I love being here and love giving people that opportunity. It is a great feeling and very humbling every day, especially as these people are poor beyond imagination. I love the people of Madagascar and love being here. I hope you all have a great day and week!
Some pics of me playing with the crazy Malagasy kids

 a pic of my hands after playing with the malagasies haha little dirty huh
 Some pics of my first time holding a lemur - it was this lady's pet and it is illegal to have them as pets but it was fun playing with it haha

 Some random pics
The kid in the red is hilarious; he reminds me of Dax (my cousin) haha!