Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 50 - Manimba Raha

What's up everyone!? Hope you all are doing good! It was a great week here! We had lots of success with investigators at church and finding new families! We had two of our stud investigators pass a baptismal interview so that was exciting! We will have a baptism this Saturday for Dorgivier and Pascal. They are both in their twenties and are ballers. Dorgivier is someone I will never forget for the rest of my life. He has a limp leg. Basically his left leg is shorter and undeveloped unlike his right leg. He lives in a house that can barely fit me, my companion, and him during our lessons. I am not joking. If I laid down straight in his house, my feet would touch the one end and my head touch the other and the other way I wouldn't be able to lay down straight. Dorgivier is one of my favorite people I have met thus far on my mission. He gives us so many referrals and shares the gospel with so many people. Yesterday he came to church late. He told us sorry cuz he invited a family to come with him and they said they didn't want to so he was sad and that is why he was late. Oh and on top of that he has to walk forever to get to church every Sunday. Literally forever. I still haven't figured out how long it is but my guess is close to a couple miles...with a limp leg...baller. He also was with us in a first lesson with one of his referrals and he taught the whole first like he had been a member for the last 20 years. He shared a beautiful testimony about how he prayed, and I imagined him in that little humble house of his, and told God he believes this is true but he needed to know for sure and he needed God to tell him. And he bore testimony that he received that answer and knows this is the restored Gospel. I am so excited to see him baptized this week! It will be an amazing day! Pascal is another baller too! Pascal is a more quiet guy but reads the Book of Mormon like a mad man and always comes to church and has great questions. His aunt that he lives with told him he can't be baptized into our church. He said he wants to be baptized though and he is ready and I know he is. These two studs will help our branch out a ton and I am so happy to see them baptized! This week my little spiritual thought is on gratitude. In our third hour lesson in church yesterday, the teacher shared a little quote and story that I think was by Gordon B. Hinckley, if I remember right. Basically it talked about someone that was real sad and frustrated that his shoe broke and he only had one shoe now...then he saw a man with one leg and realized his problem isn't too bad. This explains my life the last year. These Malagasy people are some of the happiest and greatest people I have ever met and their problems are greater than most of us can even imagine. As we love others as ourselves and look to serve others instead of focus on our problems, we will realize our problems are not all that bad. The Gospel is the solution to any problem anyone might have. I know that as we center our lives on the Savior we will realize just how much we really have been given and how blessed we are. I am so grateful for our Savior's atoning sacrifice and all he has done for me. Please look to serve others on days where your problems seem overwhelming. That is was the Savior did. This Gospel is true! I hope you all have a great week!!
 Some good views of Fort Dauphin.

 Saw the little kids that I have become friends with at the local hospital. They didn't say why they were there. I would guess they were just wandering around and ended up there. So humbling seeing these 4 little kids basically taking care of each other all on their own...I see their mother with them every now and then but not often. They wanted a pic.  They are the happiest, funniest kids and they have a place in my heart forever. The kid with me that has the name tag on is just a member help who likes a wear an extra name tag I gave him.
 Selfie in the taxi with our member help and Dominic whose mom was sitting in front seat...he was a little scared of two big white guys at first haha.
 When you go to put your pen on the table and your chair decides to break and knock over and break the glass table with all our stuff on it at the same time...gotta love those Malagasy built chairs...ha.
My view every morning...paradise.