Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 49 - Ny Pamboly

Salama aby! Inona vaovao? Enga anie salama tsara ianareo. It was a great week! First off, President and Sister Foote were here and we did a District Conference. It was a great. We learned a lot from them and it was a good time as always. They were able to come to our Tanambao Branch this Sunday also and it was great to have them there. President is a great guy and I love talking to him and hearing his wisdom and stories. This week was a really great week of work also. We had a lot of investigators come to church and the work is starting to roll. Dorgivier, one of our investigators that is preparing for baptism the 22nd, gave us 3 family referrals last night and that was awesome to say the least. He is an absolute stud and I love that guy. There were lots of great lessons I learned and stories from the week but I want to share something I learned in my studies this week. I read the scripture in Ether 12:6. It talks about how we don't receive a witness until after the trial of our faith. I had read this scripture a lot and shared it with people a lot but when I read it this time I thought a lot about it and a story came to my mind. I remember hearing this story a long time ago although I don't remember where I heard it exactly. Its about two farmers that desperately needed rain as they were in a drought and the crops were dying. They both were God fearing men and knew that they could pray to God and ask for blessings. So they both prayed and asked God to send the rain for their crops. Then one of the farmers went and sat and hoped and wished and probably had some faith that since he prayed God would send the rain. But the other one went out and prepared his crops for the rain although he could not remember the last time he had seen the rain. Which one do you think God sent the rain to? This is exactly what we learn in Ether 12:6. Of course we need to have faith we need to pray and do all that. But when we get on our feet and work and do all we can to show our faith, that is when the blessings come. We must have faith and rely on God but he expects us to do some work too. I thought about this a lot. Every day and every night I pray for the Spirit and I pray for help finding people that are ready to receive this message and for help being able to know what they need to hear. As this story came to my mind, I realized that of course Heavenly Father wants us to ask Him for those blessings but I need to make sure I am doing everything to prepare my fields to receive those promised blessings. I know that as we show our faith we will be blessed with all He has promised us. This Gospel is true. And God wants you to be able to enjoy the fullness of it but He expects you to show Him that you want to enjoy the fullness of it. I hope you all have a great week! Veloma!
 My view from lunch last p-day.
 Pics from lemur park!

 Me with Richard and Lala's fam as most of these kids are leaving to live in the countryside with family for the next couple months and I will be gone before then. They are crazy but I love them!
 Me with President Dimby as his family as his kids are leaving too to live in Tana with their Grandpa for the next couple months.
And me and Sister Haingo who is our Relief Society President and her fam. Her youngest daughter is going to move to Antsirabe so we took a pic. Sister Haingo's husband isn't a member but she is awesome and we are trying with the husband.
We were supposed to teach a lesson before church started but the people came late so we took a pic with the kids that were there early haha.