Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 42 - Akory Irehe!

What is up in the good ole USA? And wherever else people may be reading this. This week was a good one here in Fort Dauphin! Hard not to have a good week in such a beautiful place in the world. Elder Nichols and I had a good last week working together. It was a lot of goodbyes and lasts and me telling him he better not be married before I get home haha. I am gonna miss him and all the good times we had but I am looking forward to getting to work with Elder Shelby from American Fork, Utah! We have had a couple days of working together and I can tell it is gonna be a good transfer and most likely two we will be together! We had some great success this week in finding new people. As a missionary you sometimes wonder why every door you knock on is not searching for the truth or why they don't seem affected by our great message. I read a scripture that I really like this week in Hebrews 4:2. It really made me think. It talks about how the gospel was preached to a certain group of people that were not exercising faith and so it did not profit them as it did the other people that had been blessed so much from it. I love this scripture. I have thought a lot about how some people can read the Book of Mormon, learn all the lessons, maybe even go to the temple or on a mission. And still fall away. It made me think of Alma chapter 32 and how we learn that if we do not nourish our seed of faith it will whither away and die. But it doesn't die because it was a bad seed. It died because we didn't give it what it needed. That is just like our testimony and our faith. We sometimes forget that the whole reason we came to Earth was to be able to walk by faith but not by sight. And we want to know everything and understand everything and be able to have all the answers and have life go so smoothly and not have any hardships. Well we need to remember that is part of the journey! If our testimony and faith is weak we need to do what we can to strengthen it. And I would say the first step of that process is to desire more faith and then ask God to help you receive that and how you can do your part to strengthen your faith and testimony. I love the scripture in Hebrews, two people can read the Book of Mormon or go to church every Sunday. But if the one is doing it with a faithful heart and the other is doing it because it is just what they are supposed to do or whatever. The one will eventually whither away as the other will grow into a strong tree as it teaches in Alma. I know that if we feel as though we have a weak testimony or faith, that we can strengthen it. I know mine is strengthened everyday as I share this great message and see others lives be blessed by this Gospel. I know the Book of Mormon is true. Please read it and pray with a faithful heart. That is the only way you can know if this is all true. No website or friend or anything else can tell you this is false. It all depends on that book and if it is true, and if it is, the rest falls into place and this truly is the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope you all have a great week! Veloma!
The trash pile by our house. This was two weeks ago it is a lot bigger already haha.
 Some crazy kids in our branch. These kids were throwing around grasshoppers and pulling their heads off and putting them on elder Shelby and I during Sacrament...not kidding haha I was trying very hard not to laugh.
 Last dinner with Elder Nichols and Donne and his fam! Gonna miss this!

 Just got back from climbing trees and selling bananas. I wanna try and buy this from someone and use it as a bar for bench press....currently looking for someone that is selling. 
 Elder Nichols took goodbye pics with Firazana and his fam and then they wanted to take a pic with me reason for the pic but that. He is a returned missionary and really good. Lives far away from Fort Dauphin in the middle of nowhere but comes to church quite often which is awesome!
 Saying goodbye to the boys at the airport! Gonna miss these guys!
Me and Elder Shelby when we picked him up at the airport! Gonna be a good transfer!!