Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 40 - Saika Maty

Akory koahy? Inona vao vao? Salama ianareo! Tena tsara be ity herin andro ity! Nampianatra olona mahafinaritra be taminy herin ary mivoatra tsara izy ireo. Mbola mamaky ny soratra masina ve ianareo? Mbola mazoto ve? Sa efa lasa camo be? Aza camo ary aza paleka satria tsy tsara izany. Miasa mafy izahay misionera. Miezaka mampafantatra ny olona momba in Filazantsara indraindray ny olona dia mafy loha na masiaka fa izay ny fianiana. Tena tiako be ny asa fitoriana ary misy fitahiana maro be avy aminy asa fitoriana. Marina ny fiangonana!
This was a great week and there were many great experiences! First off we had a baptism! The water was not working so we got to go to the ranomasina! (ocean) It was way cool but honestly ocean baptisms are over rated. The waves were huge and it was hard to baptize and the reverence wasn't the same as a normal baptism. It was really cool though and it was great to be able to baptize these 3 great youth! They will help out the branch here a ton! Jamela, Donacien, and Frederic are the names of those that were baptized. They are all around 19 years old and somewhat related to our DMB (Branch President). They are great kids and it has been great to get to know them. My favorite lesson this week was one with Jean Claude. Jean Claude came to church last week and there happened to be a lot of talks about the temple. So Jean Claude had lots of questions about the temple. As we answered, he smiled really big. It was really cool to see a father that loved hearing that he and his family can be together forever. I always tell people that the purpose of the Gospel is to bring us happiness by bringing our families together here on Earth and for Eternity. That is why we have the Atonement. That is why we have the Priesthood and the saving ordinances. To make sure we can go back to Heavenly Father with all of our family. I know as we strive to do this, that is where pure happiness and peace comes from. I am so grateful for this gospel and how it has blessed me and my family. I know there is no way I can come closer to my family and my Heavenly Father and Savior other than through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am so grateful for what I do everyday! I hope you all have a great week! Veloma!
 And action shot of a lemur licking my tooth while I am smiling for the camera. Way nasty but I am still alive ha. 
 Our hike last week.

 Baptism!!! Really windy and crazy day hahaha

 African Sunset

 The zone at our hike last week!
 Our dinner with a crazy family last night and the missionaries from Bazaribe.