Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 33 - Mahay Raha

What's up people of the USA? Life is good here in Madagascar. Hope you all had a great week! I did!! First off, funny story from today. Elder Stromberg and I went to Tana today and looked around at some shops and just explored some. Stromberg found a shirt he liked and it was really expensive. But some guy and his friends selling women's t-shirts on the side of the road said they would go buy it for him as it would be cheaper since they aren't white. So we did it. The catch was we had to sell the women's t-shirts in their place with their other two friends. I think I found what I wanna do for a living after the mission haha. People thought it was so funny. Everyone was laughing and Stromberg and I quickly became the talk of the street. I was yelling, "These were made in America and all the women in America wear them!" and the guy I was selling with was telling people I would adopt their kids and take them to America if they bought one. I told them no obviously haha. It was a good time. Got a pic I will send in a little bit! But on a serious note we had a great week and are seeing tons of success right now. Elder Passey and I are balling out, you could say haha. Our next baptism is April 1 and we have two families being baptized. That is 8 people for sure but could be 10 if two others decide to get baptized as they are ready just need to decide so we will see! It has been amazing to be working in this area with these amazing people! I feel so blessed!! I learned a lot from Rachel and Claire this week, our two recent converts. They were asking me about giving to the poor and how much they should serve people and give to others. I was so amazed by their amazing selflessness. I felt so guilty as I thought about them and how people with so little are willing to give so much. They are well off for Malagasies but it is still nothing compared to America. I feel I have learned so much from these people. I have been humbled more than I could ever imagine after living in this amazing place which sadly is one of the poorest countries in the world. But they are also some of the happiest and nicest and most genuine people I have ever met. I feel so lucky to be able to learn from these Malagasy people and be apart of their lives. I know this Gospel is true, I know this church is the restored church of Jesus Christ here on the earth again. I am not good enough at Malagasy and good enough at convincing people this is true. The success we are seeing is because of the truthfulness of this message and of the Spirit testifying to these people. There are many people that get baptized in this mission and it is because they are humble and the Spirit can enter their hearts and teach them the truthfulness of this great message. I hope you all have a great week!! Veloma!! 
 A sweet sunset and view of our area.  
  Some kids!

 Me with some people that we tracted into and after they danced and sang for us. Wish I could send the video haha.
  Some weird green water idea but it was in the middle of the rice field haha.
 Rice Fields are sweet.
  Elder Passey and me!
 Malagasy fair. Man powered ferris wheel. You can see the guy walking on top of the ferris wheel to spin it haha.  
 Some awesome kids that wanted a pic!
 Me with some kids. This little girl was having a laughing attack and it was so funny.
 Pic of when we were building the house...not sure what I am doing in this pic haha.
And me with my future career of selling Malagasy women's clothing.