Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 19 - Go Hard or Go Home

What's up everyone?! How was the week? Hope it was a good one!! I had a great week. I got my new companion Elder Kissi. He was born in Ghana but lives in Sacramento now. He is a cool guy and we work well together. We worked hard this week and we had some great success. We were able to teach 50 lessons and have 16 investigators at church! That is the most in those categories I have had thus far on my mission and it was great!! We are hoping to see some people progress towards baptism. We have lots that want to be baptized but they still need to get legally married and that can be hard for Malagasies money wise...but we read Nephi 3:7 with them and tell them if the Lord gives us a commandment he will prepare a way for us to follow it. I believe that with all my heart! We had a cool experience this week. We actually tracted into a really rich house that happened to be a man who is part of the Senate here in Madagascar. That is like teaching someone who is in Congress in the United States. Big deal haha. As I was teaching him I felt the spirit very strong. It was weird going into a big nice house after being in a little hut that I can barely fit it. But the message didn't change. This gospel is for all people. It doesn't matter how rich or poor or old or young or where you live, this gospel can change your life and bless you beyond comprehension. I know that to be true. I am so grateful for this Gospel and for the chance I have to share it everyday!! I hope you all have a great week!!
 Elder Kissi and I
   Some kids on the path where it flooded.
 A pic of a Malagasy stroller. An empty gas tank and a rope and the lady is pulling her baby in it ha.
 A pic with some weird dude with leggings and a wig haha.
 Some guy in English class that wrote this on the board and
wanted to know what it meant. I had to take a pic with him haha.
 Some people at this restaurant we usually eat at.
Reminiscing the good old days...had a dream about the replay of the championship game and I woke up pretty sad to be honest.  I miss basketball a lot.