Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 20 - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Heat and Humidity

What's up everyone!? Hope you all have had a great week! Hope the Christmas season is going well and everyone is in the Christmas spirit! I had a great week! This week was great as one of the families we have been hoping can be baptized is so close to getting legally married! They have a bap date for Jan 7 and they said they are hoping they will be able to get their paperwork and stuff done before then! The dumb thing about Madagascar is to get their birth certificate, they have to go all the way back to where they were born. That can end up to be a lot of money too so it is hard. But Joseph and his wife said they are going to go get it soon and just are hoping the copies will be ready! I hope they are! I want to see them baptized as it is a good chance this is my last baptism in Tamatave. We will see though! Other than that it was a normal week of finding and teaching people. We have a lot of great people but it can be hard getting them to church so we have been doing a lot of lessons on faith and acting on that faith. I felt like I taught this principle a million times this week and it never got old. I always referenced the scripture in the bible that says, "Faith without works is dead being alone." I have thought a lot about that this week. If we truly have faith that there is a Heavenly Father willing to answer our prayers wouldn't we pray more? And wouldn't our prayers be more sincere? If we truly have faith that Christ suffered for our sins and we can be forgiven through the power of the Atonement wouldn't we repent? No matter how hard or scary our local Bishop is wouldn't we be so happy that we have faith and know we can be forgiven that we would just sprint to the church and confess and forsake our sins? By the way the bishop isn't scary ha. But that is something that really stood out to me. If we really have faith wouldn't we try a little harder to be a little better like President Hinckley said? President Hinckley also said this, "All that is asked of us is to try, but you REALLY have to try!" I know I can be so much better at acting on the faith I have and I need to do so and that is just something I felt I needed to share in the weekly email this week. But I hope you all have a great week and a great Christmas!! Love you all!
 Pic of the Ankirihiry branch Missionaries at dinner
 A selfie of the zone at our pizza place on Pday
  A baby lemur I got to hold and play with for a little while
The baby lemur up close. I think I am gonna try and buy it off the guy. It is just his pet..kinda weird.
 A family we tracted into that lives right by the beach and I asked if I could take a pic of the view so the kid grabs the pamphlet we gave him and stands in the picture hahaha
A lemur that was not on a leash and seemed to be wild. I thought lemurs were all cute and nice but this thing did not like it when I touched it, but that is a story for another time.