Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 8 - Panamboatra Kiraro

Well the first full week is done here in Madagascar! It was crazy to say the least! There is so much to talk about but this keyboard is really crappy and I don't want to type all that. I will try and give you the good stuff. First off, last week I didn't really talk much about the actual missionary work. My comp and I are in a fairly new area so we needed to do a lot of tracting this week and try and get some new investigators. And we had a great week and it was very successful! We taught 45 lessons with 43 new investigators! The work is going very well here in Tamatave! It is awesome being able to teach so much everyday. The people are so humble and willing to listen to the message. The language is hard but I learn more and more every single day! I now teach more in each lesson and learn more things I can say every day during language study. The understanding is very hard though. The people speak really fast and speak really softly a lot of the time so it is hard to hear and pick out what words they are saying. This week and every single day has a lot of funny things that happen. I don't even know where to start! We have dinner appointments every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday though. So far I have loved all the food except our dinner appointment last Monday. Wow it was bad. It was this weird corn stuff and I gagged when I first ate it. But luckily the people were very nice because they did not make us eat the huge bowl they gave us and me and the other missionaries just choked down as many bites as we could haha. I also got bit by a little kid...I love the little kids here and they are so fun to play with but this kid felt a little too comfortable with the big white guy and I guess he decided he wanted to see what white meat tasted like. haha. The kids are so funny though! I love playing with them and making them laugh! I am loving it here! Today we went to a lemur park for pday and it was awesome!! It was so fun to see the lemurs but this park didn't let us touch the lemurs. But it was an awesome week! It is hard to see some things as these people are so poor and it is hard for me to say I am from America because I know they know how much I have and how blessed I am while they are struggling so much. I just hope I can help these people and give them the light of the Gospel. I love Madagascar and I love being a missionary!! I hope you all have a great week! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Love you all!!!
Forgot to add this to the group email! Every week we teach English class Saturday mornings! It is one of my favorite parts of the week! It is funny to hear the questions these Malagasies have hahaha. One kid asked if it is ok to say, ''What is popping around?'' Instead of whats up. haha Idk why but that made me laugh way hard. I was also practicing with one kid and he asked how old I was and he was like, "Wow you have a very big body." haha and another guy had to go to the bathroom so he came and said, "Sorry sir I have quick pee." hahahah Idk but those all made me laugh way hard. Well that is it have a great week!!

 The kids like to pose for pictures. Even some 23 year old guy
asked if we could take pics of him and he posed like a model haha it was funny.

 This little boy at the beach came up and asked for money...
definitely hard to not give him any as we are told to do so.
Schyler said these are his weights he works out with

Helping a lady pump her water to wash her clothes :)

 Some lemurs in a tree from the lemur park and some pics at the lemur park

I am on top of that waterfall but not sure if you can see me haha
 The lemur park is in the middle of the jungle. It was awesome!