Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 36 - Veloma Mampamangy

Whats up fools?! Hope you all are doing tsara be! It was a great week!! And my short time here in Ambohimanarina has come to a close. This place, people, and branch will always have a special place in my heart. It is hard for me leaving here but as we looked in a session of General Conference playing for the branch. I saw lots of people that I loved and couldn't have felt any better than leaving them with that final sight...listening to our living Prophet and Apostles. I was sad but was reminded that a lot of these people are in a lot better situation than when I found them. Like my favorite country song, 3 Wooden Crosses goes: "I guess it's not what you take when you leave this world behind you, it's what you leave behind you when you go." My goal no matter where I go or what I do is to help people and help them find true joy and happiness. I know there are people that have found that and that is what makes missionary work so great. I will be leaving to Fort Dauphin tomorrow
 morning and surprise surprise the Nichols and Shoemaker reign is about to be rolling again. Yes, I will be working with Elder Nichols in the final transfer of his mission. I am pumped to say the least. We work well together and saw lots of success with our last transfer and looks like we will get a chance to carry that on in Fort Dauphin. This week was great. I loved being able to watch General Conference. There were so many messages that stood out to me and helped me realize things I can do better in my work here and in my personal life. My favorite quote probably was by one of the Presidency of the Seventy. I dont remember his name and dont have my notes with me but he said this, "Sometimes we need to let go of the world to hang on to Eternity." Wow. That hit me hard. Everyday we are either drawing closer to our Heavenly Father and Savior or further away...there is no in between or sitting on the fence. We need to look at all that we do and think is this something of the world or Eternity? If it is of the world or has no benefit to us or our families or our Spiritual growth it is time to get rid of it. I know that as we do this. We will find true and pure happiness and we will have that happiness not only in this life but for Eternity. I love this Gospel, I know it is true. I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!
Me and some crazy guys that make me laugh...haha they work on the busses we take all the time.

 My favorite restaurant here with the couple that works there!

 Geolin, Dorecia, and Elder Stromberg and I.

 Us with some teenage punks that were messing with us and then we started speaking Malagasy and they were amazed haha.
  Me and Rova (a recent convert) and her grandpa. He is 80 years old but always waits for us down the road from their house and walks with us.
Me and Eric...definitely one of my best friends I have made here!
Me with Tolotra and Tafita's son Steve haha. 
Me with Tolotra, Tafita, Henintsoa, and Dina when I said bye to them. Pic on the roof of their house with amazing view.
Sunset from roof of Tolotra's house.
Me with Eric, Vero, Tolotra, and Nirina when I said bye to them. Love those families!!
Me with some young men that help us and are preparing to serve missions.
Me and ole Jimmy.
Cool view of my last time working that area. 
Me with a chameleon ha.
Lanta and her family and I.
Me with Jean Gee, Lydia, and their daughter. Hoping they get baptized soon!
Me with probably the nicest and happiest guy I have ever met, Liva!!
Tolotra ,Tafita, Henintsoa, Josef, and Dina with our last lesson and glowsticks!
Me with Patrica and Fara's family! They are so fun!!
Me and Tahiry messing around haha.
Me and Malala's family who we gave a bap date to my last lesson with! Awesome way to leave them.
Last night with Rachel and Claire's family....
and Donne and Lala's family. I am going to miss them a ton!