Friday, August 12, 2016

Week 2 - 2nd Pday!!

Manahoana everyone!! Well my first week is down here in the MTC. The MTC is crazy to say the least. There are times when I feel very uplifted and times where I feel I am in spirit prison haha. My favorite parts about the MTC are devotionals!! We have devotionals every Sunday and Tuesday night!! Sunday night Matthew Holland, son of Jeffrey R. Holland, came and spoke about the Prophet Joseph Smith. It was very cool and spiritual. But Tuesday night was the best!! Elder Anderson from the Quorum of the Twelve came and talked!!! It was so cool! He spoke about how we can become better missionaries and how missions are hard but they are not complicated. I think he forgot to mention that they are not complicated unless you are learning a language such as Malagasy haha. The language has been frustrating to say the least. I know I am only in my first week but it gets a little frustrating when your teacher only speaks Malagasy to you and you ask a question and then he proceeds to answer in Malagasy which you do not even know yet. But I have learned a lot in the language so far! Funny we teach lessons to our pretend investigators like four times a week. And a couple days ago we went to teach him. We were going to read Moroni 10:3-5 with him and I needed a bookmark so I didn't need to search for the page. So I grabbed the first flashcard on my desk that we used to study vocab. And when we get to the point in the lesson to share the scripture I see that I grabbed the flashcard with the word "Diso" on it. That word happens to mean "false" so when our investigator saw that he just started to bust up laughing and I did also! It was a pretty bad and funny mistake on my part but it made us laugh so I was happy it happened. One of our teachers has been telling us stories of him when he served in Madagascar! They get me so excited!!! Well most of his stories.  Some I probably would have done better not hearing. I am excited for the day I get to actually start teaching people. Our days are usually the same besides Sundays and Tuesdays with the Devotionals. We also don't have classes on Sunday but I have lots of meetings with being the District Leader. I only have two more weeks of being the district leader though so that's not bad. District Leaders don't do much in the MTC anyway. But on all the other days we usually have a language class, teach an investigator or another language class, and then have PCL which is an hour of personal, companion, and language study. We also get an hour of exercise time which makes the days so much better! I wasn't able to get Elder Allen to do a six week program so we just go on splits and I lift with the elders that want to lift in my district and he goes with everyone else. We have lifted 3-4 times a week and then play sand volleyball or basketball on days we do not lift. Well that is all I can think of right now!! I will attach some pictures! Most are of our Sunday walk we take to the temple, some selfies for you, some are of me and Thomas (my uncle and aunt's nephew on the other side), and one of me and Brady Atkin who got here Wednesday! He lives in my building! Thank you to all who have wrote me on Dear Elder! Or who have emailed me!! They make my day so keep doing it!!! I am sorry if I have not been able to write back! Just not a ton of time!! I love you all and you are all in my prayers!!!! Veloma!!!​

My dad wanted me to let you guys know what I do on P-day. Well I wake up everyday at 6:30 and that doesn't change on pday. Then I will usually go and email a little bit, then go get breakfast and do laundry, email a little more, then go and do our hour of exercise, then email, and then we will go to lunch in a little bit and we will go to the temple in the afternoon and usually email after that, then we will go to dinner and go to our 3 hours of PCL which is personal, companion, and language study as I mentioned. I love parts about the MTC and do not like some things about it. I love my district. They are all very cool. A lot of them play sports and stuff and we all like to tease and joke around with each other so I love having a big group of guys I am with. But I do not like how pretty much everyday besides Sunday, Tuesday, and Pdays are the same. I am really anxious to start teaching real people and be in the real world. Our teacher has told us some crazy stories that get me really excited! The travel does not sound too fun though as it will like be over 50 hours of total traveling! But better than sitting in a classroom for 9 hours a day!!! Love you all and miss you like crazy!

This is after the Sunday Devotional! Basically all the Elders that are from Bingham! It was awesome! ​Oh and I forgot to mention the video Character of Christ by David A Bednar! We get to watch a movie Sunday night and I watched that one last Sunday! It is so good! I suggest you all try and watch it this Sunday if you can!!!

This was sand volleyball last week!! It get pretty competitive but I am still undefeated haha. This is my district!​